Stylish Malachite Diffuser Bracelet & Healing and Strength


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Enhance Your Well-being with the Malachite Diffuser Bracelet

The Malachite Diffuser Bracelet from the Gray Diamond Series is a unique accessory that combines the benefits of fragrance extension and aromatherapy. This bracelet features tiger eye stone, known for its ability to distribute and retain fragrance effectively while also bringing courage, wealth, good luck, healing, and strength properties to the wearer. With the combination of tiger eye stone, malachite, and obsidian, this bracelet not only spreads fragrance but also offers additional benefits for the wearer’s well-being.



  • Functionality for spreading and retaining fragrance
  • Can be used with aromatherapy products
  • Super elastic rope for easy wear and durability



  • Malachite Size: 4mm, Weight: 13.2g



  • 1 * Malachite Bracelet, packaging box



Q: How do I use the fragrance extension function of the bracelet?

A: Simply sprinkle aromatherapy essential oil, perfume, or fragrance drops on the exclusive cement material stone part of the bracelet, 1-2 drops are sufficient.

Q: What do the tiger eye stone, malachite, and obsidian represent in the bracelet?

A: Tiger eye stone represents courage and wealth, obsidian represents good luck, and malachite represents healing and strength.

Q: Is the bracelet easy to wear and durable?

A: Yes, the bracelet features a super elastic rope that is soft, smooth, highly resilient, and long-lasting, making it comfortable to wear and resistant to aging.

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